Belleville Public Schools

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District Directory

District Directory

Superintendent of Schools

Richard D. Tomko, Ph.D., M.J.

973-450-3500 X1022


Interim Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Mr. Wayne Demikoff

973-450-3500 X1021


Assistant Business Administrator

Mr. Matthew Paladino

973-450-3500 X1021


Director of Operations/Chief Talent Officer

Mr. Thomas D'Elia

973-450-3500 X1024


Chief Engagement & Partnership Officer

Ms. Diana Kelleher

973-450-3500 X1002


Director of Special Services

Mr. Ryan Kline

973-450-3500 X1029


Supervisor of Special Services

Michael Vargas, Ed.S.

973-450-3500 X1029


Director of Student Personnel Services

Ms. Barbara Correnti

973-450-3500 X1043


Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. Carmine Guinta

Mr. George Droste

Giovanni Cusmano, Ed.D.

973-450-3500 X1611



Ms. Diana Guardabasco

973-450-3500 X1024


Director of Planning, Research, and Evaluation/District Testing Coordinator 

Ricardo L. Acosta, Ed.S. 

973-450-3500 X3117


Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

Mr. Richard Henry

973-450-3500 X1022


Director of Athletics

Mr. Daniel Sanacore

973-450-3500 X1013


Belleville High School

Mr. Russell Pagano-Principal

973-450-3500 X1602


Belleville Middle School

Ms. Shana Wright- Principal

973-450-3500 X2002


School #3

Mr. Caleb Rhodes- Principal

973-450-3500 X3302


School #4

Ms. Dora Cavallo- Principal

973-450-3500 X3402


School #5

Ms. Nanette Rotonda- Principal

973-450-3500 X3502


School #7

Ms. LucyAnn Demikoff- Principal

973-450-3500 X3702


School #8

Mr. Robert Silvera- Interim Principal

973-450-3500 X3802


School #9

Mr. Joseph Rotonda- Principal

973-450-3500 X3902


School #10

Mr. Joseph Rotonda- Principal

973-450-3500 X3102


School Physician

Dr. Amit Tailor