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Our District » Superintendent's District Goals 2015-2016

Superintendent's District Goals 2015-2016

Superintendent of Schools

District Merit Goals





Qualitative Goal #1:


Establish the Academy of Mathematics, Engineering and Medical Sciences to begin with the 2015-2016 school year. This goal is necessary for the students in 9th grade as the current directory of studies does not provide for a challenging and consistent measurement for entry.

2.5% of base salary


Evidence:  The program and curriculum for the Belleville Academy of Mathematics, Engineering and Medical Sciences has been established in conjunction with feedback from existing academies and faculty input.  Program assessments have been added and enhanced to ensure that each question/task relates to an anchor standard and educational strand relative to the Common Core Curriculum.  The following considers specific actions established in district at this time:


  •        Core curriculums are completed for each area of study.
  •        Fierce recruitment strategy for 8th grade students in and out of district (now for 2016-17 as well).
  •        Danielson Model is being utilized for teacher performance.
  •        High school utilization of benchmark assessments, Midterms and finals to report data for student needs based on standards.
  •        Lecture series and on-the-job training in years 3 and 4 being prepared.


Overall Status – Goal has been met.


Qualitative Goal #2:


Upgrade School Security Plan; update BOE public safety procedures and policies; SOP and handbook for guards beyond the requirements of the State of NJ for the benefit of the school population and community at large; and sustain the office of the registrar for documentation purposes and residency issues pursuant to mandated acts (McKinney- Vento) and state placements versus illegal students.    

2.5% of base salary


Evidence:  The need for updated operations manuals and infrastructure for security is essential for the continued safety of students and faculty.  The following has occurred:



  •         SOA approved by the Board 5/19/16.
  •         Safety Officers renewed; certifications reviewed.
  •         Grants actively sought for funding purposes including independent and private entities.
  •         Professional development opportunities for all guards (CPR/AED).
  •         Domicile investigation team expanded; office of registrar established at Central Office.


Overall Status – Goal has been met.


Quantitative Goal #1: 


College and Career Readiness - In accordance with the Belleville High School Educational Plan for 2015-2016 school year, the Superintendent of Schools will increase the present teaching staff’s knowledge (Currently less than 10%) in the use of the program Naviance.  For the 2015-2016 academic school year, the Superintendent will ensure that at minimum 75% of the high school staff is trained in the use of Naviance.

3.33% of base salary


Evidence:  To date, 66% of the high school staff have written student letters of recommendation via eDocs (279 letters).  Also, 92.8% of the BHS staff has been trained in the use of Naviance.


Overall Status – Goal has been met.



Quantitative Goal #2:


Pursue Green Ribbon School status for one or more of the Belleville schools by executing one or more projects that promote the cornerstones of a Green Ribbon School (Environmentally friendly campus, Nature Adventure, Health, Fitness/Nutrition, and Natural Classrooms).

3.33% of base salary


Evidence:  This goal was created to “pursue” what was` needed to apply for Green Ribbon Status.  School #3 was chosen to pilot this program and goal.  At this time, progress includes the following towards the action plan:


  •        School building environmental analyses conducted in conjunction with the application process.
  •        Meetings with Superintendent and Principals to discuss the application process and preliminary findings.
  •        Meetings established with Principal and teachers/stakeholders to describe programs; plans; ideology; and infrastructure needs to create a  sustainable environment leading to Green Ribbon status.
  •        Designated "walking to school" days
  •        Established student run recycling club
  •        Benches for a student garden area (grant)
  •        A Health Fair to highlight nutrition for students and families (nutritionists/dentists/etc.)
  •       Healthy cooking infusion with the High School culinary programs
  •       Greenhouse (design/plan)
  •       Sustainability grants have been requested and submitted (DOE, Smuckers, etc.)
  •       Jump Rope for Heart Activities
  •       Winner (2nd Place) and Assembly – Jets Eat Right Program (Dept. of Agriculture)



Overall Status – Goal has been met.



Quantitative Goal #3:


Improve communication with parents by attaining a minimum of a 70% positive rating on a participant survey after conducting a series of three Superintendent Forums to include parent professional development on technology initiatives and new textbook series in district.

3.33% of base salary


Superintendent forums were utilized to increase parent/stakeholder participation and provide professional development for parents on technology and textbook initiatives in district.  In meeting this goal, the following will occur:


  •       Three (3) Superintendent forums scheduled (Math Series/ELA DRAII; Science Standards; Utilization of District Technology)
  •       Survey disseminated – 93% positive rating on effectiveness in participant survey.
  •       Data collected, analyzed and shared with public.



Overall Status – Goal has been met.