Belleville Public Schools

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Mission Statement

"The purpose of education is not to endow students with diplomas, but to equip them with the substantive knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. A high school diploma is not an education, any more than a birth certificate is a baby."

Mission Statement


“The Belleville Public Schools Local Building and Improvement Project for Special Education-Least Restrictive Environment is designed to promote, provide and support the practice of inclusive education. The Belleville School District has adopted a proactive stance for including students with disabilities in general education. We are committed to developing and expanding our continuum of options for students to participate in general education. The district is building its capacity by reshaping and rethinking its mindset of LRE, specifically inclusive practices. We have gone beyond our traditional scope by changing the attitude of administration, staff, parents and students. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary that the district permanently embraces the LRE concept and provides accommodations and modifications necessary to ensure that all students achieve their educational goals.”


Please see the letter below indicating a survey from the Department of Education involving a survey.  The DOE letter is estimated to be sent out during the first week in May.  
An open meeting for all parents of students with IEPs was held on Wednesday, October 19th at 6:00pm in the senior lounge of the Belleville High School.  The powerpoint presentation from the meeting is attached below.   
On December 15th, an informational session regarding Health Advocacy was provided by SPAN.  A powerpoint regarding the presentation is provided below.    
 SEPAC issues.  At 6:00pm, all parents are invited to a workshop provided by SPAN involving Health Advocacy.  Further information will be forthcoming regarding this workshop.