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BHS Faculty & Staff

Belleville High School Administration        
Principal   Russell C. Pagano Jr.
Vice Principal   Joseph R. Rotonda
Vice Principal    Paul Aiello 
Belleville High School Support Staff        
Secretary to Principal    Anna Marie Perna 
Data Processor/Computer Operator    Valerie Micchelli 
Main Office Secretary    Judith Apple 
Secretary to V.P.   Antonia Gammaro 
Secretary to V.P.   Sharon Druther
Secretary to Athletic Director    Pamela Barrett 
Bookkeeper    Margaretann Lelinho 
Clerk    Deborah Walsh     
Secretary   Lisa McGuire 
Business and Career Technical Education Department         
    Michael Bardt
    Jenna Constantino
    John Cooke
Computer Club Advisor   Joseph DeFlorio
    Gerard Fabiano
Junior Class Advisor, Year Book Advisor   Catherine Gingerelli
    Scott Herman
FBLA Advisor   Meryl Metsopulos
    Salvatore Mauriello
I&RS   Deborah Naha
    Gary Politano
Sophomore Class Advisor   Judith Porter
Mock Trial Advisor, Boys Golf   Gerard Ross
Freshman Class Advisor   Sean Rutherford
WBHS Director, Senior Class Advisor   Ryan Sheridan
FBLA Advisor   Corey Woodring
Family Careers & Community Leaders of America Advisor   Judith Worster
English/ESL Department         
    Deanna Arena 
    Joanne DeLange-Russo 
    Vanessa Dominques
Football Advisor   John Dubuque 
    Charles Gallagher 
ESL   Camille Gelso 
ESL   Carlos Goncalves 
    Danielle Labriola 
    Suzanne Lewandoski 
    Michele McDonough 
    Marilyn McCabe
    Michele McDonough 
Literacy Club Advisor    Karen McLean 
    Joette Nigro 
    Amanda Pepe 
ESL   Sophia Piano 
    Louann Quevedo 
    Michele Robson 
    Demi Ruzzo
    Jona Scholl
    Kristen Segarra
ESL   Szymon Wodecki
BHS Library        
Librarian   Michele O'Brien 
Student Services Department          
Counselor   Alexandra Ciccone 
Counselor   Daysi Colom 
Director of Student Services   Barbara Correnti 
Secretary to the Director of Student Services   Elizabeth DiNapoli
Counselor, Pep Club Advisor, HIV/AIDS Prevention   Gena Dubuque
Counselor, Pep Club Advisor, HIV/AIDS Prevention   John Flynn
Secretary   Kathleen Sheridan
Counselor   Francesca Percontino
Counselor    Brooke Turcios
Mathematics Department        
    KerriAnne Collis
    Annamaria Contella
    Renee DiGioacchino
    Marie Dimetry
I&RS   Susan Leuze
    William Montes de Oca
    William Pereira 
    Christine Puccio
    Joseph Rainone
Theater Arts Director   Christine Racaniello
    Tatiana Ryjouk
    Irene Sabadics
    Barbara Sabin
    Brian Sapinski
    Anita Sbarra
    Janice-Lynn Shuhan
    Richard Simon
    Anita Yahalom
    Manuela Rebelo 
    Debra Zucker 
Physical Ed/Health & Drivers Ed Department         
    Glen Borgenicht 
Softball Advisor   Chris Cantarella 
Director of Athletics   Thomas Delia
    Joseph Fox 
    Bethann Garrett 
    Anthony Gorbon 
    Kenneth Johansen 
    Ronald Juiliano 
    Sabrina Martin
    Jillmarie Patterson
Baseball Advisor   Joseph Sorce
Boys & Girls Volleyball   John Spina
    Deborah Strano
    Cheryl Zenobi
Science Department         
    Joy Alfano 
    Michael Alfieri 
Sophomore Class Advisor & Student Government Organization Advisor    Peter Blodnick 
    Pietro Doldi 
    Angelo Gaccione 
    Joseph Lepo 
    David Muller 
    Glen Murphy
Stage/Light Crew Advisor    Vincent Orrei 
    Doran Race
 Girls Basketball Advisor   Isis Elizabeth Ramirez 
    Marcia Stamboulian 
    Kristina Tuttle 
Special Education Department         
Secretary   Deborah Campione 
Secretary   Jeanna Cassilli
Theater Arts Company Customer   Laura Curran
    Carol Del Tufo
Social Worker   Gina Hyams
    Christine Ignozza
    Robert Kline
    Charles Martin
Secretary   Janice McManus
    David Muller
    Celia Nakashian
Secretary   Faith Palo
    Francis Petrillo
    Gary Polewka
Social Worker   Melanie Presha
    Dawn Rabbia
Director of Special Services   Paul Reformato
    James Russomanno
    Irene Sabadics
    Matthew Sullivan
Social Worker   Brooks Wagner
School to Work   Leonard Wilson
    Christa Woolis
Social Studies Department        
    Stephanie Arena
    Joellen Masiello
Girls Spring Track   Joseph Fischer
    James Galfy
    Lauren Giuliano
    Christine Hurta
    Gary Klotzkin
    Christian Luzzi
I&RS   Antoinette Mancini
    Nicholas Riggi
    Robert Rubinson
    Gregory Sprogis
Key Club Advisor   Joanne DeFlorio
    Deanna DeGraff
    Christine Driskill
 Band Director, Jazz Ensemble   Anthony Gotto
A Cappella Ensemble Advisor, Tri-M Music Honor Society Advisor, Theatre Arts Company Vocal Director & Piano Accompanist   Carol Lombardi
Year Book Advisor   Melissa Mc Auliffe
    Michele Sherrill
 Orchestra Director   Eugene Morriello
Marching Band         
Marching Band Director, Jazz Ensemble Advisor    Anthony Gotto 
Marching Band Percussion Instructor    Andrew Lappitt     
Assistant Marching Band Director   Amanda Mullany    
Marching Band Volunteer    Michael Thompson     
World Language Department         
    Karen Andros 
    Monica Tuñas 
    Wendy Holland 
    Catherine Maucione
    Sandra Perez
Girls Soccer   Percy Pineda
    Mabel Rivera
    Antionette Terlizzi
    Caterina Viscomi
    Janet Carfagno
    Tina Colon    
    Sandra Cuzzi
    Kathy Drozdz
    Manny Holquin    
    Jeff Jones    
    Pamela Maliszewski
    Diane Milo
    Eva Nieves
    Rose Papa
    Gail Pepe
    Marie Soriano