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BMS Faculty & Staff


Principal   Cavallo, Dora
Secretary to the Principal   Svehla, Susan
Interim Assistant Principal   Sinatra, Henry
SIP Fascilitator   Taylor, Kimberly
Secretary   Luna, Yolanda
Secretary   Fiscella, Donna
School Nurse   Norton, Denise
School Nurse   Torres, Norka
Guidance Counselor 8th Grade   Coyle, Maria
Guidance Counselor 7th Grade   Brooke Berlin
Guidance Counselor 6th Grade   Veniero, Amanda
Guidance Secretary   Romano, Carmel
Teacher   Amanezis, Irene
Teacher    Ayala, Peter
Teacher    Beggs, Kimberly
Teacher    Bellina, Kaitlen
Teacher    Benkert, Laura
Teacher    Brelinsky, Scott
Teacher    Boyle, Courtney 
Teacher   Calabrese, Ann
Teacher   Calabrese, John
Teacher   Calhoun, Maria
Teacher    Campione, Nick
Teacher    Caramagna, Paul
Teacher   Chiappinelli, Alyssa
Teacher    Colli, Thomas
Teacher    Cooper, Lauren
Teacher   Davi, Marta
Teacher    DiNapoli, Neil
Teacher    DePinto, Luigi
Teacher    Fazio, Lauren
Teacher    Ferriaolo, Toniann 
Teacher    Ferrara, Anthony
Teacher    Gallo, Stephanie
Teacher    Haefeli, Patricia
Teacher   Hansen, Christine
Teacher   Harris, Rachel
Teacher   Jacobs, Erin
Teacher    Koransky, Cory
Teacher   Kucko, Diana
Teacher    Lensi, Philip 
Teacher    Lorenz, Kathleen
Teacher   Makar, Marina
Teacher   Martino, Samantha
Teacher    Maucione, Melissa 
Teacher    Maucione, Riccardo
Teacher    McTigue, Gregory 
Teacher    Mezzo, Patricia
Teacher    Mignone, Michael
Teacher    Molinaro, Doreen
Teacher    Nazziola, Gabriel
Teacher    O'Brien, John
Teacher    O'Brien, Michele
Teacher    O'Farrell, Sarah
Teacher    Pagano, Jacqueline
Teacher    Retkwa, Theresa
Teacher    Rovito, Judith
Teacher   Sadowski, Sara
Teacher    Schuyler, Mark
Teacher   Sebilia, Lisa
Teacher    Sestilio, Jane
Teacher    Silvera, Robert
Teacher    Stevens, Lynn


Teacher    Suttora, Kara
Teacher   Taglairino, Amanda
Teacher   Terranova, Christopher
Teacher    Venezia, Linda
Teacher   Whittom, Lori
Teacher    Yahaira, Rosario
Teacher    Yerkes, Matthew