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Belleville Board of Education Members

Members of the Board of Education

Roster of Officials as of April  22th, 2013

Please click on member's name to view further information. 

Mrs. Helene A. Feldman, Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Ray Jacobus, Interim Business Administrator/Board Secretary


John Rivera, President
Term expires 2016

Jeanne Lombardi, Vice-President
Term expires 2015

William Freda, Trustee
Term expires 2014

Raymond Kuebler, Trustee
Term expires 2016

Joseph V. Longo, Trustee
Term expires 2014

Lillian Torres, Trustee
Term expires 2016

Peter Zangari Jr., Trustee
Term expires 2015

Mr. Alfonse DeMeo, Board Counsel

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2013-2014 Board of Education Meeting Dates

2013-2014 Board of Education Committees and Chairs