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Andrew Coban

Andrew Coban is honored to be serving as Supervisor of Elementary Education in the Belleville School District. In previous years, Mr. Coban has served as vice principal, data coach, teacher leader, and elementary school teacher. Some of his past accomplishments include consecutively ranking among the Top 10 schools in the City of Newark for student growth in mathematics and English language arts as measured by PARCC, leading school-based adoption of curricula, programming, and pedagogical “best practices,” and coordinating school and district-wide events to foster academic engagement and parental involvement.


In collaboration with the skillful staff and administration, Mr. Coban will work incredibly hard to ensure the children of Belleville are receiving a top-notch education by being present in school buildings, supporting and leading district-wide initiatives, and promoting two-way communication with those whom he serves.


A strong believer in transparency, Mr. Coban ever-strives to determine “what works best” within the current trends of teaching, learning, and assessment in elementary education. At present, some of his beliefs include an emphasis on intentional lesson planning, meaningful data collection, analysis, and usage to drive classroom instruction and decision-making, and the building of authentic relationships between staff and students.


Mr. Coban earned his bachelor’s degree and Master of Arts from Rutgers University, and completed his Master of Education at the Teachers College of Columbia University. He continues his education by participating in formal professional development opportunities and also through self-study. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and time outdoors with his wife, Therese, and their sons, John and Michael.