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Belleville Adult Learning Academy Course Catalog

Basic Computing and Web Design

This course will help the novice computer user understand the essential world of computing and the platforms and major programs essential for both personal needs and those useful to industry.  Learners will discover web design and the elements necessary for a successful media portfolio and world wide web presence.


Woodworking and Home Repairs

Instructors will review basic household repair projects that will help save the homeowner time and expense in consideration of light maintenance around the home and home office.  Woodworking projects will also be incorporated into lessons.


Essentials of Sewing and Garment Production

Learners will study the history and creative concepts behind garment production and work hands-on to navigate the intricate art of sewing.


Yoga for Beginners

Entry-level Yoga, relaxation, and meditation for those individuals wanting to explore this physical artform as an exercise and stretching routine or a form of mental wellness.


English as a Second Language

Instructors will work with individual students to enhance vocabulary and dialogue while working to advance each English Language Learners confidence in everyday conversational situations.


Everyday Writing

Learners will demonstrate an ability to draft personal correspondence and business memorandums while understanding how to formulate impressive and productive writing samples through enhanced diction and appropriate sentence structure.


Financial Literacy

Instructors will discuss the elements of sound financial strategies to help learners navigate through a personal and household budget and investments.  The course also includes the risks associated with certain financial decisions. (This course is not for financial advisory).


Juggling for Beginners

What else is there to write?  Did you ever want to learn how to juggle?  Instructors will provide classes with the essentials of juggling and a history of the art.

Sign Language

Students will be taught to perform and understand American Sign Language for the purpose of communicating with others.

6 Hour Teen Driver Training Program ($299 + NJMVC charge)


Online Defensive Driving Insurance Reduction Course ($19.95)