Wonders ELA (K-6)

Wonders is a research-based English Language Arts program for grades K – 6. It is written to the New Jersey Learning Standards (NJSLS) and integrates reading, writing, listening and speaking throughout its program.

Wonders provides daily opportunities for students to interact with complex texts through close reading that is connected to writing. Arranged around weekly themes and “essential questions,” it allows students to develop deep content knowledge with a variety of texts.

Instruction in the Kindergarten and Grade 1 primary grades builds strong foundational skills, including phonological awareness (instructional manipulation of sounds and words), phonics and word recognition, fluency and vocabulary. Students also have access to text with big books and teacher read-alouds.

Students in the intermediate grades learn to find meaning from text. Use of close reading that incorporates whole and small group instruction allows students to use and have exposure to texts with increasing complexity.

Wonders has two instructional support features. Wonders for English Learners builds language arts proficiency; Wonderworks is an intervention program. Both utilize scaffolded instruction, designed to bring students up to grade level as quickly as possible.

Wonders also offers a rich digital platform for both home and school. It is a very useful tool. Please see your child’s teacher for its use.



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