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The information on this website can answer many of your payroll questions. 

Please thoroughly review the information.  


The preferred method of contact is via email:


Payroll Coordinator: Pamela Pittman

[email protected]


Assistant to Payroll: Luisana Henriquez

[email protected]



  • If your days are listed incorrectly -Please notify Judy Catena x1059 and/or Donna Dente-Human Resources x1023
  • If you are taking a day off WITHOUT PAY please ensure the form is scanned to Payroll via email [email protected]

Direct Deposit Form NEW HIRE EMPLOYEE - Click here to Access

Direct Deposit Form CURRENT EMPLOYEE - Click here to Access

  • Belleville Board of Education is 100% Direct Deposit.
  • When submitting a direct deposit form you must submit a voided check and/or documentation from the bank listing routing number and account numbers. 
  • EXAMPLES of Direct Deposit Documentation (Click here to access)
  • If you need to cancel an account please notify Payroll immediately & provide documentation of a new direct deposit account
  • Please be advised your payroll wages can only be submitted to an account that has your legal name listed
Disability Insurance
  • AFLAC: Corey Cousoulis Benefit Advisor|c: 862.223.5911 |f: 973-954-5532
  • LEGAL SHIELD: Willie Tolbert 973-277-1752  [email protected]



    WILL Questionnaire

    MemberPerks Discount Program


    This video provides a brief overview of the Legal Plan Benefits

    Please click on this link:

    (1:28) LegalShield Membership Video

    This is the LegalShield Employee Benefits Overview:

    Please click on this link:

    HR Benefits Landing Page :

    This video provides a brief overview of the IDShield Plan Benefits

    Please click on this link:

    (1:29) IDShield Membership Video

Employee Payroll Portal

  Video icon Stock Photo by ©alexwhite 34562733

***Payroll Portal Instructional Video*** 


***Payroll Portal Instructional Video (Spanish Subtitles)***


  • Access portal:
  • USERNAME: Belleville email address
  • PASSWORD: Created by user
  • If you forget password-click link “FORGOT PASSWORD” to reset it
  • Retrieve direct deposit statement’s, W-2’s, 1095’s, important Payroll documents
  • Up to 1 year from date of separation employee can access portal

Employment Verifications

All employment verifications should be emailed to : [email protected] x1020
  • Employment verifications with a signed release are generally processed within 48 hours via email (Please do not make multiple attempts via phone & email for the same verification as this will slow the completion process down)

FMLA - Member Recertify Loan Information

When returning from FMLA -notify Payroll if:

  • Health Insurance is no longer via the District
  • Pension Loan needs to be RECERTIFIED within payroll
  • Prudential disability or AFLAC deductions need to become payroll deducted
Generic Voucher Template - Click here to access
  • When submitting a voucher please make sure the title, employee signature, and administrator signature is completed
  • Please note all hourly rates are listed with the Union contract

Imputed Income - FAQ's - Click here to access

  • You may see a line for “Imputed Income” in the earnings section of your Pay Stub if Belleville Public Schools is covering you under the Group Term Life Insurance policy (and if the coverage exceeds $50k). Group Term Life is a taxable fringe benefit. The IRS requires that you pay tax on the value of this taxable fringe benefit when it exceeds $50k of value.
  • Therefore, the line for Imputed Income on your Pay Stub is a figure that is your "taxable premium" for life insurance that is paid for any insurance over $50k of value.
  • The Imputed Income figure is displayed only to reflect your taxable earnings. It does not affect your gross pay; it only affects your gross taxable earnings.
  • Previously, you may have saw this figure only on your W-2 in box 12A Code C. You will likely now see this figure each pay period on your Pay Stub.
Medicare Part B
  • All Medicare Part B forms must be submitted to Payroll via email & will be returned via email within 48 hours.
Mentor Deductions
  • In accordance with the Department of Education (DOE) guidelines:
    • All fees associated with providing mentoring services must be satisfied.
    • Mentor fees have not changed. The fee for CE teachers is $1,000. The fee for CEAS teachers is $550.
    • Regulations require that all payments to mentors by candidates are paid through the district and no payments should be made directly from novices to mentors.
  • Mentor deductions begin September/Mentors are paid June

Name change/Address/Telephone changes

  • Please notify Human Resources immediately
  • ENROLLMENT: All qualified employees will be enrolled in NJ Pension system (current rate is 7.5% of salary) or DCRP- Prudential
  • LEGALLY payroll deductions for Pensions contributions can not take place until Payroll receives the Certification of Payroll Deductions from NJP&B
  • MBOS: Please log on to the NJ P&B website to create your NJP&B account
  • MEMBER #: Member number is listed on your Paystub or you can call Pensions
  • BENEFICIARY: Via MBOS please assign your beneficiary
  • LOANS: All loans are processed via MBOS
  • LIFE INSURANCE: Most members are covered by Group Life Insurance benefits.

- Contributory Group Life Insurance is coverage where the member pays a premium through payroll deductions.

-Conversion — When you retire, go on a leave of absence, or terminate your employment, coverage ends 31 days after you stop working. You may be eligible to convert your coverage to an individual policy.

-TPAF have 3 ½ times salary

- PERS have 3 times salary

  • PURCHASE SERVICE TIME: Inquire with Pension p: 609-292-7524/ NJP&B website
  • RETIREMENTS: Inquire with Pension p: 609-292-7524/ NJP&B website
  • As of July 1, 2021, members filing for retirement are required to supply the following information for their designated beneficiaries:


    ·         Social Security Number

    ·         Date of Birth

    ·         Mailing Address

    ·         Relationship to Member


    As a security precaution, this information will no longer be optional, and retirement applications will not be able to be processed without the necessary information. Therefore, members should have these details on hand when filing for retirement.

  • DISABILITY: Inquire with Pension p: 609-292-7524/ NJP&B website
  • EMPLOYMENT AFTER RETIREMENT: Inquire with Pension p: 609-292-7524/ NJP&B website
Opt-Out Information
  •  If you do not want health insurance coverage through the State Group Health Insurance program, you may be eligible for up to **$2,500.00 Opt-Out Incentive
  • OPT-OUT $$ is paid twice a year *December 15th & June 15th

Payroll Pay Dates Schedule - Click here to access

  • Dates are subject to change based on events during school year

Payroll Wages

  • Typically, pensionable salary wages are paid on Check 1 & extra duties (vouchers) are paid on Check 2.
  • Payroll is a Confidential Office and thus any requests for information relating to any employee will be conducted with ONLY that employee unless stated in writing or legally required.
  • Effective January 1, 2023:

o   The maximum salary for Social Security/FICA taxes increased to $160,200.

o   The maximum contribution for the 403(b) and 457(b) increased to $22,500.

o   Over 50, you are permitted an additional $7,500 contribution to each fund.

·         Increases/Decreases in Tax:

o   If you have questions about taxes and how they will impact your personal financial situation, please consult a tax professional. It is illegal for payroll to provide advice about your personal situation.


How to Read My W-2


2023 Social Security Medicare Thresholds

Social Security
  •  Employees are encouraged to create an account to receive personalized estimates of future benefits based on your real earnings, see your latest Statement, and review your earnings history. 
  • Link:
  •  Most District Stipends are paid twice a year *Jan 30 & May 30th
  • Vouchers should be submitted for duties performed for Auditing purposes
Summer Savings
  •  Enrollment forms are collected generally during *May/June
  • Only 10 month employees may participate
  • Once enrolled in September you are locked in until the end of the school year (June)
  • 10% of your gross payroll wages are deducted each pay and held in a bank account which accrues interest.
  • The 10 month employee receives the wages July 15, July 30, August 15, August 30
  • Any new hire must complete a W-4 form to be paid
403B Info

*= dates are subject to change

**= Based on insurance plan type