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PreK Parent University

As part of providing our PreK students and families with comprehensive support, we will be offering a series of PreK Parent University Sessions throughout the course of the 2021-2022 school year. The sessions will cover a variety of topics that are relevant to students/families in our Early Childhood Education programs. Location and/or virtual platform for each session will be determined as each session approaches. Please see the schedule below for upcoming informational sessions throughout the course of the year. 


During each session, all participants will be entered in a Wheel of Names for a chance to win a prize!



Event Topic


October 12, 2021


The Creative Curriculum

-What will my child be learning in preschool? 

-How to Extend Learning at Home

PreK Staff

November 9, 2021 


Getting Started with the MyTeaching Strategies Family App.

-How to access MyTeachStrategies

-Benefits of the Family App. 

PreK Staff

December 7, 2021


Teaching Strategies GOLD 

-How to Understand Your Child’s Report Card

Healthy Eating Habits 

-Food & Nutrition

Yanelis Cabaleiro

BPS Nurses

January 18, 2022 


Review of Community Resources

-A handbook created for Belleville Beginners Families will be provided. 

Social/Emotional Learning at Home

-Coping Strategies

-Self-Care for Parents

NJ Family Care Health Insurance

-What is it? Who is eligible?

-How to Apply

Michelle Mayrer

BPS Nurses

February 22, 2022


Improving Adaptive Skills for PreK Students

-Universal tips for home to support a wide-range of developmental abilities 

-Improving Speech

-Improving Fine-Motor Skills

Speech & Occupational Therapists

March 22, 2022


ST Math Family Workshop Game Night

- Parents and students are invited to have fun with the ST Math program that will be used in all 4-year-old classes! 

- Open to families of 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds! 

Presenter from ST Math

April 19, 2022


Positive Behavior Supports

-Mindfulness-infused strategies

-Managing Emotions Effectively

Healthy Hygiene Practices

-Benefits & Best practices for young children

Michelle Mayrer

BPS Nurses

May 24, 2022


Kindergarten Readiness

-Supporting a successful Transition from Pre-K to K

-Q&As with Kindergarten Teachers! 

PreK Teachers

Kindergarten Teachers 

June 14, 2022


Summer Safety for Young Children

-Head Injury Prevention

-Water Safety 

Dental Education 

-Oral healthcare for PreK students

BPS Nurses 

Local Dentist

Michelle Mayrer        

Community Involvement and Parent Specialist        

Family Engagement School Psychologist


Stephany Encarnacion

PreK Community Involvement Translator 


Diana Gamarra

PreK Community Involvement Translator