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The mission of Belleville Public School's is to cultivate critical thinkers and creative minds so that lifelong learners become 21st century leaders.


Within this mission, the Talented & Gifted Program accentuates this concept by providing unique educational and social/emotional opportunities both on and off campus to our gifted and twice gifted students. Belleville's Gifted & Talented Policies can be founded under Strauss Esmay 2462. Website:


Talented & Gifted Policies Website


The Belleville School District’s Talented & Gifted Program is designed to meet and challenge the academic, cognitive and social needs of gifted and twice gifted learners.  We celebrate, recognize and support diversity while providing academic opportunities of high rigor across all content areas coupled with nurturing our gifted learners’ social/emotional growth and development.


Gifted and twice gifted learners are encouraged to embrace their exceptional talents through self-expression, working cooperatively, focusing on their interests and assuming leadership roles among their peers within all settings.


Students recognized as gifted and twice gifted are afforded higher order learning experiences through the Belleville curriculum that are richly embedded in linguistic, logical mathematical, spatial, hands on and technological real world events and scenarios.


Our elementary students are exposed to beyond level readers & online level up lessons: informational text, identifying key ideas & details, craft & structure, phonological awareness, word recognition & cross curricular extension activities connecting Science & Math.


Students in grades three through eight meet twice weekly with their talented & gifted teacher mentors. Higher order thinking projects align to their interests, curiosity, creativity, ability to design, investigate, invent & problem solve.

The students are eligible to participate in off-site competitions from various content areas such as STEAM, Interpretative Forensics, Geography, Jeopardy, Problem Solving & Math.


High School students enroll in AP/Honors courses. As freshmen, students may enroll in the Ralph Vellon Academy for Engineering & Medical Sciences affording opportunities such as: internships, job shadowing, field trips, & specialized interest guest speakers.


Statement of Complaint:

Website link: Belleville Public Schools Policies are managed through Strauss Esmay on the district's website. Procedures regarding complaints with regard to educational programs, such as Gifted & Talented are covered under "9130- PUBLIC COMPLAINTS AND GRIEVANCES." Website link: https://www.straussesmay.com/seportal/Public/pubELANOnline.aspx?id=bcb6d4adf3a449d6929369bd289eab15