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Gabrielle Bennett-Meany

Gabrielle Bennett-Meany has been a resident of Belleville for over 28 years, and she is serving her first term on the Belleville Board of Education as Vice President.


Along with her husband, Christopher, Mrs. Bennett-Meany has raised two children within the Belleville Public Schools District.  The eldest recently graduated and is currently attending NJ City University, while her youngest attends Belleville High School. It has been through her time as a parent and volunteer within the district that Mrs. Bennett-Meany has come to value public education and the Township of Belleville.


Mrs. Bennett-Meany believes that a strong relationship between school and community is critical to how a district succeeds and is perceived. When families are actively involved in school and community, everyone is able to respond more effectively to the needs of the students. Most importantly, however, is fostering a desire of learning among students.  


It is through Mrs. Bennett-Meany’s experience as an environmental science educator and field naturalist for over 25 years that she realizes when students have an interest in learning, a concept comes to them much easier and in turn, learning becomes more enjoyable. It is her desire to bring her “hands-on” experience working as an educator at the Meadowlands Environmental Center (now the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority) to the Belleville Public Schools District and instill a love of learning within students.


When not teaching or speaking publicly on a variety of topics, Mrs. Bennett-Meany is an active volunteer with the Belleville Historic Preservation Commission; is an appointed member of the Belleville Zoning Board; Municipal Green Team; and the Belleville Civic Association. However, it is the time that Mrs. Bennett-Meany spends with her family and assisting with community volunteer projects that she finds the most rewarding.