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Mr. Frank Velez III


Frank Velez has been a proud resident of Belleville for over 20 Years, having grown up in the Cherry Blossom Capital of America and graduating from Belleville Public Schools in 2019. 


Frank is currently a senior at Fordham University in New York City. 


Frank has been involved in local affairs as early as seven years old, believing that only with real political change can we truly better the world around us.


Motivated by a strong desire to represent families with special needs like his own, as well as the students of the district that had never had youth representation on the Board, Frank ran and won election to the Belleville Board of Education in 2020. 


Frank is currently in his last year of his first term as Board Trustee on the Belleville Board of Education.


Throughout his term, despite entering the Board in the midst of the COVID 19 Pandemic, Frank worked alongside his colleagues and superintendent to bring about real change to the district. 


This included, but is not limited to: 


expanding the district’s footprint; reaching ADA compliance across all district schools; expanding the life skills program; offering greater recreational/athletic opportunities; and empowering parent and student voices in our district.  


Frank Velez will continue to work hard everyday with fellow board members and the superintendent for the children, families, and staff of the Belleville Public School District for as long as he holds office as a Belleville Board Trustee.