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Ms. Nicole Daddis

Nicole Daddis is in her 2nd year as a member of the Belleville Board of Education. A graduate of Belleville High School, Ms. Daddis chose to run for elected office in the township to enhance the mission of the district while ensuring policies and governance remained a strong component of the everyday operations of the district schools.

As Chair of the Finance Committee, Ms. Daddis works with the central administration and other members to advance the financial wellness of the district through an established set of checks and balances that reflect the needs of the students, staff, district programs, and facilities. As a member of the Instruction and Program Committee, Ms. Daddis works with the chief school administrator and the curriculum team to establish the appropriate scope and sequence of courses that fit the requests of the current population of students and the requirements set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education.

Ms. Daddis has been chosen as delegate to the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) for Belleville. The NJSBA delegate membership sets policies that determine the Association’s position on educational issues and establishes bylaws that govern its operations.

Ms. Daddis has played an integral role in the creation of district programs and the addition of facilities to help students and families in the district.