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Jodi Velez Student Board Representative

Jodi Velez is currently a senior at Belleville High School. An alum of Belleville School Number Three and Belleville Middle School, Jodi enjoys being a part of the township and school community. Jodi has been appointed as Belleville’s first Student Board Representative. She is honored to have been chosen for this vital role where she aspires to assist the student body of the Belleville Public Schools District acting as a liaison to the Board and an advocate for all students. She is ready to lead, educate, and flourish with the community. Jodi intends to study English, Communications, or Journalism in the fall of 2023 while publishing her first book, Vocalizing Society. 
Leadership, advocacy, and philanthropy are things that Jodi is learning through mentorship. Working alongside the Board of Education, she seeks to gain knowledge through her term during the 2022-2023 school year. 
Click here to view the Belleville Public Schools Policy relating to the Student Board Representative.