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Working Papers

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If you have already been promised employment, you may pick up your working papers in the Student Services Office with Ms. Micchelli.


  1. Download Working Papers here, then follow these instructions:
  2. Print the form or email it to the prospective employer to complete the employer section of the form.
  3. Once the employer completes the employer section of the form, have your physician's office complete that section of the form. When you have the necessary information filled out from the employer and the physician's office, you sign the form and have your parent/guardian sign it as well.
  4. When both the employer and the physician sections of the form have been completed, contact Ms. Micchelli from the Student Services Department via email, at [email protected].  Please attach a copy of the form (as completed thus far by the employer and the physician's office) in your email to Ms. Micchelli.
  5. Ms. Micchelli will review your form and contact you to schedule a Zoom video conference. Prior to the time of the video conference, you must email her a clear copy of a valid passport, birth certificate, or other approved document (please see the types of approved documents on the form).   
  6. Once Ms. Micchelli has reviewed your approved documents with you during the video conference, she will complete the school's portion of the form and send it to the principal. A completed copy of the working paper form will then be sent back to you.