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This is an exciting time in the school year because students are now going to start thinking about and selecting classes for next year. Below are various resources for students and parents to review, discuss, and act upon. Remember that our school counselors are always an email away to answer questions you may have. 
Have fun exploring our Program of Studies and when you are ready we invite you and your child to complete the course request form for the grade level they will be in next year. 
-Mario J. Pedro
Supervisor of Student Personnel Services
All course requests must completed by March 1 of each year. If you have any questions please reach out to one of your school counselors. 
All students had the opportunity to select courses (electives) they wish to take. We asked students for more choices than usual in order to make sure that whatever classes they get, they wanted. Creating student schedules is time consuming and takes into account multiple variables, including student choice, class availability, class sizes, and graduation requirements. 
Student schedules will be released approximately seven (7) days before the start of the school year. Students will have two weeks from the first day of school to request a schedule change. 
NOTE: Schedule changes will only be honored IF:
  • There is room in the class students want to move into, 
  • The request is reasonable and academic in nature (wanting to change a class so that you can be with your friends is not reasonable or academic in nature). 
  • The request must not affect graduation requirements
  • The request must fit into the existing schedule. 
DO NOT REQUEST A SCHEDULE CHANGE IF: (make an appointment with your counselor)
  1. There is a hole in your schedule
  2. You are missing a course needed for graduation (Juniors & Seniors only)
  3. You were placed in the wrong level of a course (you were placed in Spanish 1, but should be in Spanish 2)
  4. You were placed in a course with a teacher that you failed before
Schedule changes protocols
  1. Students are to talk to their parents/guardians about the change they want
  2. Students are to download, print, and complete this schedule change request form 
  3. Parents/Guardians must sign the schedule change request form
  4. Counselors will review the request and reach out to the student via their school email with a final decision