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GradPoint 2022-2023

Marking Period 1 GradPoint Information 2022-2023

Dear Students & Parents/Guardians:

Each year Belleville HS offers a course remediation program called GradPoint for students who need some academic assistance in up to two classes they failed in the previous marking period. Grades for the first marking period have been finalized and are available for you to view. We recommend that you review the grades, and welcome you to register for GradPoint, if you need to remediate one or two courses. 

All students enrolled in Academic or Honors courses are eligible to register for GradPoint. However, please note that academic students are only allowed to utilize GradPoint for recovery for 2 out of 3 marking periods. Honors students are only allowed to utilize GradPoint for 1 out of the 3 marking periods. We strongly encourage students to discuss their options with parents/guardians and/or their school counselors, to ensure that they are making the right decision before registering. 

All students are required to maintain positive academic progress while completing GradPoint. Teachers will have the opportunity to make recommendations about a student’s GradPoint completion based on their academic progress. 

Students wishing to register for Q1 GradPoint can do so by completing this FORM. Once completed, a counselor and/or teacher will verify that the student is eligible for the program. If found eligible, the student will be registered and an email will be sent to the student’s school email address with the username and password. However, if a student is found not to be eligible, a member of the Student Services department will contact the student via their school email address. 

Please read the information below carefully which outlines the timeline and other program notes for the GradPoint remediation program. We welcome you to reach out to the Student Services department if you have any questions or concerns by emailing [email protected].


Marking Period

Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Teacher Access to List

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Program Notes

  • GradPoint grades will not replace the original failing grade. Instead, students will receive the average of both grades. (Ex.: Original grade = 55%, GradPoint grade = 90%, New Grade = 72.5%)
    • Minimum grade students will earn for successfully completing GradPoint is a 70%

  • Teachers will have an opportunity to recommend that a student be pulled from GradPoint if the student is not making satisfactory progress. 
    • Students whose teachers recommend that they be pulled will meet with Mr. Pedro, their school counselor, case manager (if applicable), and parents/guardians to review academic progress. 
    • Students who are not making progress will be allowed to complete their GradPoint and their earned grade will be held until the student makes satisfactory progress and the teacher recommends that the grade be released. 
English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12
Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Math Essentials
Biology Chemistry Integrated Science Environmental Science
Health/PE 9
PE 10 / Driver's Ed.
(Note: students will NOT be eligible to retake the Driver's Ed test)
Health/PE 11 Health/PE 12
World History U.S. History 1 U.S. History 2 Financial Literacy
Intro. to Art Spanish 1 Spanish 2