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Welcome to the Belleville Public Schools office of Student Personnel Services

The Student Services Department at the Belleville Public Schools is designed to help students with their academic and social emotional concerns. Counselors will provide support and direction through interventions with students, faculty, administrators, parents/guardians and the Child Study Team.

At the middle and high school level, counselors assist students in registering for academic programs and scheduling their classes. The counselor’s role varies depending upon a student’s year in school, type of program, and future school plans. A counselor’s knowledge of students, the school curriculum, and college and technical school requirements are used with individuals or groups of students to plan appropriate programs each year. Scheduling for the next school year occurs in early spring. When academic or scheduling problems arise, counselors are available to help students and parents develop solutions.     

The drop in center at both the middle and high school are available to all students.  Feel free to stop in and see anyone from the drop in center for any reason

The mission of the Belleville Public Schools District is to cultivate critical thinkers and creative minds in an environment that fosters mutual respect for all, so that well-rounded, lifelong learners become 21st century leaders.

The Student Personnel Services department is organized into two divisions- academic and mental health. While the two divisions are supervised and staffed by different staff, they are not mutually exclusive of each other. We invite you to explore the various services offered by each division and the many resources they provide. 
Student Personnel Services - Academic Division
The Academic Division of our department is supervised by Mr. Mario J. Pedro and is staffed by our amazing school counselors in grades 7-12. Our counselors provide students with academic advising, career planning, and are always available to lend an ear when students want to chat. Our department is also responsible for supervising and implementing 504 and I&RS plans for the Middle and High Schools. 
Student Personnel Services - Social & Emotional Division
The Social and Emotional Division of our department is supervised by Dr. Silvia Pastor and is staffed by amazing counselors, social workers, substance abuse coordinators and other staff charged with ensuring the safe and well being of our students' mental health needs. This division of our department is responsible for supervising our district's incredible Drop-In centers, identifying and working with our displaced families, and working with students through substance abuse concerns. 
Please note that the during the summer months, our school counselors will not be available and will not be checking their emails regularly. If you need assistance, please reach out to one of the department secretaries:
High School- Ms. Micchelli- (973) 450-3500  ext. 1043  or Ms. Hemsley- (973) 450-3500  ext. 1044
Middle School- Ms. Fernandez- (973) 450-3500  ext. 2007