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The Student Services Department at the Belleville Public Schools is designed to help students with their academic and social emotional concerns. Counselors will provide support and direction through interventions with students, faculty, administrators, parents/guardians and the Child Study Team.

At the middle and high school level, counselors assist students in registering for academic programs and scheduling their classes. The counselor’s role varies depending upon a student’s year in school, type of program, and future school plans. A counselor’s knowledge of students, the school curriculum, and college and technical school requirements are used with individuals or groups of students to plan appropriate programs each year. Scheduling for the next school year occurs in early spring. When academic or scheduling problems arise, counselors are available to help students and parents develop solutions.     

The drop in center at both the middle and high school are available to all students.  Feel free to stop in and see anyone from the drop in center for any reason.