Curriculum and Instruction


Dear Belleville Community,


In cultivating a collaborative approach to educating the children of Belleville, it is with great pleasure that we share with you information about the educational programs present in our district. The main purpose of this site is to provide information to both teachers and parents about curriculum and instruction, as well as various topics related to education. In providing this information, we hope to foster discussions about current educational best practices and trends.

Take time to browse the tabs to the right, as well as our K-12 published district curricula and resources. We are confident you will acquire information you are seeking, but when in doubt, feel free to contact us below. We appreciate your visit and all that you do to encourage and support the success of our very important work in educating our children.

Educationally yours,


Ms. LucyAnn Demikoff
Director of Curriculum and Instruction K-12
Mr. Joseph Lepo
Director of Secondary Education
Mr. Anthony Immediate
Supervisor of Secondary Education
Ms. Nicole Shanklin
Director of Elementary Education 
Mr. Andrew Coban
Assistant Director of Elementary Education 

For Professional Development Resources: Online Professional Development Resources

For Approved and Published Curricula: District Curriculum