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In understanding the importance of cultivating a collaborative approach to educating the children of Belleville, it is with great pleasure and tremendous enthusiasm that we share with you information about the educational programs present in the Belleville Public School District.

The main purpose of this site is to provide information to both teachers and parents about curriculum and instruction, as well as various topics related to education.  In providing this information, we hope to foster discussions about current educational practices. 

If we were to summarize the state of education in Belleville in one word, it would be “change.”  Significant changes are underway in or district, including specifically, but not limited to, curriculum, instruction and communication.  We are proud to announce a new educational tool, OnCourse Systems, which will be available to our teachers for purposes of reference to curriculum and communication with colleagues.  This “leap” in technology will support our staff members in their effort to bring learning to the 21st Century.  Changes are also occurring at the federal and state levels that we keep current with.   Although, at times, change may be unsettling, we believe that it can be exciting, allowing an opportunity for improvement and advancement well beyond the status quo. For those of us involved in the educational community, change presents an opportunity to impact the lives of our students, who will, in turn, change the world.

With the rapid advancement of technology, we are learning more now than ever before about the different types of learners. We are privy to the most effective instructional techniques to reach students living in the 21st century.  Educators and students acquire perspective through the use of technological tools which serve to enhance instruction while acting as resources in the learning process.  Even the school structure is extending outside of the classroom to an online world. Education is stimulating and requires all stakeholders in the educational community and beyond, to commit to being open to new ideas, resources and change.

To complement the ever-changing world of technology, we view curricula as a living, breathing documents that must forever evolve to reflect the current world in which we live.  Curricula are meant to serve as road maps for good instruction. Curricula should be revisited, reflected upon and amended, whenever needed.  We are currently undergoing review of curricula, working with our teachers to breathe life into home-grown, academically rigorous curricula that will better prepare our students for future challenges.   

As we embark on this process of change, we invite you to please peruse the specific topics via the individual links on the Belleville Public Schools website. We are confident you will gain information about relevant educational topics and the changes that are occurring in education.  I appreciate your visit and all that you do to encourage and support the success of our very important work of educating our children. 



Ms. Lucy Demikoff
Director of Curriculum and Instruction K-12
Mr. Joseph Lepo
Director of Secondary Education
Ms. Nicole Shanklin
Director of Elementary Education 

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