Curriculum Committee:


The Office of Curriculum and Instruction continues to coordinate and advance all district instructional programs.  The office works with curriculum committees consisting of teachers and administrators to evaluate and revitalize curricula based on student needs, research-based best practice, state and national standards, and standardized assessment results. Further, the office facilitates the work of the Belleville Professional Development Committee to create meaningful professional development opportunities to enhance student learning and instructional practices. 


Professional development for teachers is offered across the schools, grades, and disciplines focusing on rigorous standards and curricula. The integration of instructional technology in the classroom is supported by the curriculum and professional development.  A multi-prong professional development model has been planned, embraced and implemented in Belleville.  The model offers teachers a variety of learning opportunities offered through, but not limited to:

  • In and out-of-district workshops
  • Webinars
  • On-line Workshops
  • Committees
  • Summer Curriculum Writing Initiatives
  • Graduate Courses
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Program Visitations


District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC)


New Jersey has embarked on an evaluation reform whereby districts must have adopted an effective teacher evaluation system that provides timely, actionable feedback for educators to refine their practice through continuous growth and improvement. Consistent with the State’s initiative, the Belleville Public School District recognizes that effective educators are the most important in-school factor for student success.


The Belleville Public School District formed a committee to research and select a robust evaluation system to measure teacher’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement of instruction.  The selection committee was comprised of teachers, administrators, members of the Board of Education and the community, called the District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC).  The committee's goal is to discuss and provide feedback for the successful implementation of the evaluation systems.  The DEAC communicate information about implementation to stakeholders, ensuring transparency of the systems and supporting the district in implementing the evaluation framework.  The committee recommended an evaluation system based on Charlotte Danielson’s research. 


The new evaluation system includes multiple measures including student achievement data which will give us insight on how to recognize great teachers, help good teachers become great, and help struggling teachers to overcome challenges.  Professional development for the teachers and the administrative team is ongoing. 


Similarly, the Belleville Public School District has adopted a new Principal Evaluation system.  The Stronge principal evaluation system criterion is based on seven domains:


  • Instructional Leadership
  • School Climate
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Communication and Community Relations
  • Professionalism
  • Student Progress

 The Belleville Public School District’s Goal for the evaluation systems is to help school teachers and school leaders work together and refine their practices, for the benefit of all students in our District.


The Belleville Public School District evaluation systems will:


  • Set clear, high expectations: The evaluation system will provide teachers and school leaders with a clear understanding of the curriculum and instructional standards. In addition, through the evaluation system, teachers and school leaders will receive feedback and ratings that clearly indicate whether they are meeting expectations, where their strengths lie, and how they can improve their practices in areas where they are falling behind.
  • Promote teachers' and school leaders’ professional growth: Under the evaluation system, teachers will receive productive classroom observations throughout the year that provide timely, actionable feedback and help teachers be as effective as possible. The individualized feedback and supports made possible by the evaluation system will allow Belleville Public Schools to strengthen the quality of instruction in the district and retain its teachers.
  • Focus on student learning: The goal of all educators is to improve student achievement. The evaluation system will incorporate multiple measures of students' academic progress in order to evaluate educators in a fair and holistic manner. The comprehensive student outcome measures will help school leaders and teachers identify successful classroom practices and target supports to address teachers' growth areas and students' academic needs.
  • Increase support and accountability for school leaders: The evaluation system aims to help administrators support teachers in their professional growth.  In order to maintain high standards, Belleville Public School District will hold administrators accountable for evaluating teachers accurately through the evaluation tool and for using information from the evaluations to build the strongest possible instructional teams at their schools.


Please find below the Belleville Public Schools Evaluation Handbook.  Please feel free to consult an administrator for any further clarification on information contained in this handbook.