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                    The Office of Family And Community Engagement


The Office of Family And Community Engagement


Welcome to the Office of Family And Community Engagement!

Our office is committed to the creating and nurturing of meaningful partnerships among the schools, families and community stakeholders who collectively make up the FACE of Belleville.

This office is dedicated to the building of each school’s capacity to partner with families and the community-at-large in support of student achievement and the celebration of student talents.

As a district, we are devoted to the cause of making Belleville Public Schools a place where all stakeholder groups come together to ensure that our learners fulfill their destiny and become leaders. To accomplish this quest, we respectfully acknowledge the invaluable role that parents, families and community partners play and the support they provide in the educating of our students by cultivating the creative minds that define our students’ capabilities and overall potential to succeed.

For more information about the Office of Family and Community Engagement, or to learn how to become involved in our school community, please contact Diana Kelleher, Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer, at [email protected]
or call 973-450-3500 ext. 1002.
A thank you gram for the Belleville community for coming out and supporting us at our February 8th Black History Month Celebration!