Diana Kelleher

Diana Kelleher proudly serves as the Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer for the Belleville Public School District. She oversees the Office of Family and Community Engagement, which is a newly established department that is dedicated to the building of each school’s capacity, as well as the district’s capacity, to partner with families and the community-at-large in support of student achievement and the celebration of student talents.

Ms. Kelleher is delighted to share that Belleville Public Schools has always been her professional “home.” She defines herself as most fortunate to be a part of Belleville’s educational “family” and values the opportunities she has had to devote her professional energies and her passion for teaching to the children of Belleville.

Ms. Kelleher began her career in Belleville as a special educator, before being appointed to the position of Inclusion Facilitator. As the district’s Inclusion Facilitator, she worked in conjunction with the New Jersey Department of Education to identify and implement programs and practices that would assist Belleville in becoming an inclusive school district, where students with disabilities would be afforded every opportunity to be educated in the Least Restrictive Environment.

Over the past twelve years, Ms. Kelleher has served in a variety of administrative capacities for the Belleville School District, all of which involved her strong commitment to meet individual student needs and to maximize student learning. As Supervisor of Special Education, K-12, she promoted the district’s mission of educating students with disabilities in the Least Restrictive Environment, provided oversight for special education code compliance, and oversaw matters related to curriculum and instruction. As Belleville Middle School’s Academic Supervisor, she played an integral role in the development and implementation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP), an instructional blueprint designed to advance student achievement through the attainment of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals. As Acting Director of Curriculum and Instruction, she played a key role in addressing the district’s curricular and instructional matters, evaluating program needs, and generating an NJDOE required LTP (long-term plan) that outlined the district’s plan to refine practices related to assessment, instruction, programming, and student achievement. As Supervisor of ELA and Social Studies, K-12, Ms. Kelleher concentrated her efforts on strengthening the district’s use of a balanced literacy approach to reading and writing instruction and to the use of common assessments, such as the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), as a means of making informed instructional decisions to foster student success. In her current role as the Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer, Ms. Kelleher is charged with the task of utilizing her knowledge of the teaching-learning process to coordinate district activities, events and communications that showcase the talents of our students, that spotlight the dedication of our educators, staff & administrators, that highlight the vital role played by parents & guardians, and that acknowledge the importance of involving the community-at-large in the lives of the children of Belleville.

Ms. Kelleher holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education, a Master of Arts Degree in Special Education and a New Jersey Supervisor Certification. All of which were earned at Kean University.

Ms. Kelleher is excited about the limitless possibilities that abound to engage and partner with the stakeholders of Belleville Pubic Schools, so that they may collectively honor the district’s greatest treasure, its students, and support the district’s quest to transform learners into leaders!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!
-Ralph Waldo Emerson