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Belleville Beacon E-ssue 1!

"Where Learners Become Leaders"
January 2017 E-ssue

Message from Dr. Richard D. Tomko, Superintendent of Belleville Public Schools:


I am very excited to be part of the launch of our District Newsletter, the Belleville Beacon.  This informational venue is our way of connecting the parents and community to school district events, opportunities, and important updates in consideration of our educational mission.  Each e-ssue will spotlight academic articles from administrators and faculty in an attempt to keep you well informed of the direction of the tenets of 21st Century education, programs, and research to help influence our students.  Thank you for visiting, and I appreciate your dedication to our vision of a school community determined to transform learners into leaders.


Dr. Richard D. Tomko


Diana Kelleher

Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer



The Office of

Family  And  Community  Engagement



This office is committed to the creating and nurturing of meaningful partnerships among the schools, families and community stakeholders who collectively make up the F.A.C.E. of Belleville. 


As a district, we are devoted to the goal of making Belleville Public Schools a place where ALL come together to ensure that our learners fulfill their destiny and become leaders.  We consider the partnerships we share with parents, families and community members to be invaluable, and we view the support they give to the educating of Belleville’s children as vital.


The Office of F.A.C.E. is dedicated to the building of each school’s capacity to engage and partner with our families and the community-at-large in support of student achievement, in the celebration of student talents and abilities, and in the gathering of our collective strength to help one another and those in need.  These principles of thought reflect our district’s definition of togetherness, which is our primary consideration in the planning of all district events and in the designing of this, our first e-ssue of The Belleville Beacon.


 As an educational institution of lifelong learners, we very much value the seeking and sharing of knowledge.  In each e-ssue of The Belleville Beacon, our district’s electronic newsletter, you will find articles authored by members of our administrative team, written contributions from educators and students, information about upcoming district events and pictorial recaps of district events that have occurred. 


As this is our debut e-ssue, we welcome your input and ideas

on how to enhance this communiqué and eagerly await your suggestions for topics you would like explored in future e-ssues.  To share your input or to learn more about the Office of   Family And Community Engagement, please email your

ideas to

Please visit The Office of F.A.C.E. on the Belleville Public School District homepage (click here) under the "Family and Community Corner" tab.


Please note that the 2016-2017 E-ssue Dates for The Belleville Beacon are as follows: January 2017,  April 2017,  June 2017.

 . . . . . . . . 

Notes of Gratitude

As we launch our first e-ssue of The Belleville Beacon, special notes of gratitude are extended to the following individuals whose technological insight and creativity made this e-newsletter a reality.


Many Thanks to...

  • Jeff Perrapato, Tom Scioscia, and Brett Whitehead, Belleville Public Schools IT Department
  • Ricardo Acosta, Director of Planning, Research and Evaluation/District Testing Coordinator
  • Gary Klotzkin, BHS Educator
  • Faraz Chowdhury and Rafael Rodriguez, BHS Student Consultants

Scholarly Articles by Members of Our District’s

Administrative Team

To access each article, please click on its hyperlinked title that’s listed below.  



Mr. Russell Pagano

Principal of Belleville High School

"Communication Between Administrator and Teacher"

How can effective communication and an atmosphere of respect be established between administrators and educators?




Mr. Ryan Kline

Director of Special Services

"Grade Retention: A Historical Perspective and its Relevance to the State Constitution"

Is retention an effective practice?...Something to ponder and discuss





Mrs. Nanette Rotonda

Principal of School Five

"The Importance of Positive Public Relations Within a School Community"

Why are positive public relations within a school community so important?




Mr. Carmine Guinta

Director- ELA & History K-12

"Using of Multicultural Literature in Schools"

How do students benefit from the use of multicultural readings in the classroom?



Mr. Caleb Rhodes

Principal of School Three

"Self-Efficacy and Intrinsic Motivation"

What drives students to engage in learning and complete assignments?

Save These Dates!



To Be Held On The Belleville High School Campus….


Black History Celebration: 

February 8, 2017…6:00pm - 8:00pm

(Snow Date: February 23, 2017)


Superintendent's Forum - Part 2 in a Series on Bullying and Cyberbullying: 

February 28, 2017…6:30pm

BHS Connie Francis Auditorium


Family and Community Health, Wellness & Safety Fair:     

March 25, 2017…10:00am-2:00pm


Belleville Public Schools’ 125th Birthday/Multicultural Festival:     

May 20, 2017…11am – 3:30pm

(Rain Date: May 21, 2017)


 For more information, please contact Diana Kelleher at…    

or call 973.450.3500x1002

Highlights From Past Events


Were you part of the fun?


Just A Party
September 14, 2016

Second Annual Hispanic Heritage Festival
October 15, 2016

First Annual Police-Community Outreach Event
October 29, 2016

Veterans Day Parade
November 6, 2016

  Please join us in revisiting these fun times by looking at the picture montage below!

District Pink-Out Day on November 7, 2016 ..&... American Cancer Society Check Presentation
on November 28, 2016

Winter Wear Donation Drive
December 9, 2016

Superintendent's Forum
December 15, 2016