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Belleville Beacon » Belleville Beacon E-ssue 2!

Belleville Beacon E-ssue 2!

"Where Learners Become Leaders"
May 2017    E-ssue #2

Message from Dr. Richard D. Tomko, Superintendent of Belleville Public Schools:


I am very excited to be part of the launch of our District Newsletter, the Belleville Beacon.  Welcome to our second e-ssue.  This informational venue is our way of connecting the parents and community to school district events, opportunities, and important updates in consideration of our educational mission.  Each e-ssue will spotlight academic articles from administrators and faculty in an attempt to keep you well informed of the direction of the tenets of 21st Century education, programs, and research to help influence our students.  Thank you for visiting, and I appreciate your dedication to our vision of a school community determined to transform learners into leaders.


Dr. Richard D. Tomko


Diana Kelleher

Chief Engagement and Partnership Officer



The Office of

Family  And  Community  Engagement




The Office of F.A.C.E. is dedicated to the building of each school’s capacity to engage and partner with our families and the community-at-large in support of student achievement, in the celebration of student talents and abilities, and in the gathering of our collective strength to help one another and those in need.  As an educational institution of lifelong learners, we also hold the seeking and sharing of knowledge in high regard.  These principles of thought reflect our district’s definition of togetherness, which is our primary consideration in the planning of all district events and in the designing of this, The Belleville Beacon, our district's electronic newsletter.  


In this May 2017 e-ssue of the Belleville Beacon, you will find scholarly articles written by six members of our administrative team that cover a wide variety of educational topics.  These topics explore *how to motivate students to learn, *how to best meet the needs of English Language Learners, *how to create a successful school environment, *how to increase the academic performance of minority students, *how the Next Generation Science Standards impact science instruction, and *how involvement in sports influences your child's school performance.  Each article serves as good food for thought!


NEW to this e-ssue is our "On-Line Links to Look At" page, which highlights topics related to your child's well-being and education.  We hope you will find these information links to be interesting reads, as well as the video links to be enjoyable to watch.  A brief description of each link's content has been provided to help you decide what you would like to click on first.  Enjoy!


In this e-ssue, you will also find a list of upcoming district events for the months of May and June 2017.  Please be sure to check out the flyer for "Our 2nd Annual Multicultural Festival & Our District's 125th Birthday Celebration," which will take place on Saturday, May 20th from

11:00 am - 3:30 pm on the BHS Campus.  Don't miss the fun!  (We are looking for vendors for this community event.  Please see the vendor registration form that is attached to the "Vendors Wanted" poster found below.)


One last share-out... Please take a few moments to look at the collection of pictures that were taken at district events held during the months of  February, March and April 2017.  These pictures are found on the last page of this e-ssue.


To share suggestions for topics you would like explored in future e-ssues, to provide feedback about the Belleville Beacon, or to learn more about the Office of Family And Community Engagement, please email your

ideas and questions to

Please visit The Office of F.A.C.E. on the Belleville Public School District homepage (click here) under the "Family and Community Corner" tab.


Please note that the next e-ssue of  The Belleville Beacon will be published at the end of June 2017.


Scholarly Articles by Members of Our District’s

Administrative Team

To access each article, please click on its hyperlinked title that’s listed below.  


Mr. Michael Vargas


Supervisor of Special Services

Creating Motivating Educational Environments

Educators have forever searched for ways to keep students motivated. What have they discovered?

 Mr. Thomas D'Elia


Director of Operations/Chief Talent Officer


 Six Principles of Teaching English Language Learners

How can the needs of English Language Learners be best met?

 Dr. Giovanni Cusmano


Director of Mathematics, Science, and World Language K-8


Leadership and Successful Schools- A Cursory Review of the Literature


What are the key ingredients in the recipe for a successful school?

Mrs. Shana Wright


Principal of Belleville Middle School


Increasing Academic Achievement of Minority Students in Public Schools


What does the research tell us about this, and what are the five most vital components to consider?

Mr. George Droste


Director of Mathematics, Science & Electives 9-12


 Moving Forward with Science Education

How does the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) impact science education?

Mr. Daniel Sanacore


Assistant Principal/Athletic Director


 Participation in Athletics - Its Effect on Both Academics and Behavior in Students

Is there a correlation between a student's success in school and his/her involvement in sports?  If so, what does the research say?

On-Line Links to Look At


Please take a few moments to check out the on-line links below.

These links have been chosen to further advance our collaboration as an educational community to support and nurture those that we all care so very much about…our wonderful students!  A brief description of each link has been provided to assist you in deciding what you’d like to look at first.  ENJOY!

Link #1:  Five tips to help your son or daughter stay on track and finish the school year strong ...  from Think Tank Learning at


Link #2:  As the end of the school year approaches, your child’s excitement for summer vacation is most certainly building.  However, he/she may also be feeling a little anxious about the changes that September will bring.  Check out tips and ideas from that may help ease these worries.


Link #3:  Quick tips for parents on how to make reading a wonderful experience for their children...from the parent resource link at


Link #4:  10 Simple Strategies for parents to use when reading at home with their children…from


Link #5:  How can you keep your children safer and more secure when on-line? from


Link #6:  How parents can help STOP cyberbullying and what their kids need to know…tips from National Crime Prevention Council  at

Link #7:  And the Survey Says! … Parent and Community involvement in our schools POSITIVELY influences our students and fosters their success!...from                                                            

Link #8:  “Every Kid Needs a Champion!” – For 7 minutes and 48 seconds, Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, will make you laugh, make you think and make you nod your head in agreement as she speaks about the importance of connecting with students on a real & personal level.  …from TED Talks Education at

Save These Dates!



To Be Held On The Belleville High School Campus….


BHS Career Fair: 

May 4, 2017…7:00pm - 9:00pm

BHS Gymnasium


POW/MIA Chair Dedication Ceremony: 

May 8, 2017…5:45pm - 7:00pm

Belleville Municipal Stadium


Belleville Public Schools’

2nd Annual Multicultural Festival

& Our District's 125th Birthday Celebration:     

May 20, 2017…11am – 3:30pm

(Rain Date: May 21, 2017)


Belleville Middle School's Theater Production of

"Hairspray Jr." :

June 2-3, 2017…7pm – 9pm

BHS Auditorium


 For more information, please contact Diana Kelleher at…    

or call 973.450.3500x1002


Please click here for event registration registration form and procedures.
Highlights From Past Events


Were you part of the fun?


Check out the event pictures taken during February, March and April!

 Our 2nd Annual Black History Celebration...
February 8, 2017
 Superintendent's Forum:
Part 2 in a Series on Bullying & Cyberbullying ...
February 28, 2017
 Belleville High School's Production of "The Little Mermaid" ...
March 16-18, 2017
 Award Presentations for the 2016-2017 Governor's Educator of the Year ...
March 20, 2017
Our 1st Health, Wellness & Safety Fair ...March 25, 2017
Bilingual Technology Night... March 29, 2017
We look forward to seeing you at our next district event
What: Our 2nd Annual       Multicultural Festival &
Our District's 125th Birthday Celebration
When: Saturday, May 20th
from 11:00 am- 3:30 pm
(Rain Date: May 21st)
Where: Belleville High School Campus
Please join us in revisiting these FUN times by looking at the picture montage found at the bottom of this page!
TAKE A  LOOK!...The event pictures from February, March and April are below!
The Big Book Reveal at #8!
Thanks to the efforts of
Ms.Alaina Chip, an educator at #8, funds from an NEA grant were used to purchase many new books for the school library.
 March 30, 2017
Belleville Middle School's National Junior Honor Society Induction
Ceremony ...
March 30, 2017
Belleville High School's
Mr. and Ms. Belleville Scholarship Pageant ...
April 27, 2017
 The "Face" of Belleville Public Schools ... Our BPS Student Ambassadors, who help out at EVERY event!
Mark Your Calendar! ... See you May 20th!